Shooting: Skövde, friday 7 april 2023

Street view from crime scene
Indoor Toward building

Police involved in shooting drama at the police station in central Skövde. The incident occurred during the night of Good Friday but was unknown to the public until the end of June. A gunman fired a shot with a rifle from an apartment window at the police station and district court. During the entire course of events, the man was accompanied by a police officer who was there in his spare time. The police are now at risk of dismissal.

The photo shows the approximate location of the shooting (Polishuset och tingsrätten, Eric Ugglas plats, Skövde), based on what is currently known about the event.

Time and location

Polishuset och tingsrätten, Eric Ugglas plats, Skövde municipality
11.3 percent of all shootings are carried out between 0 am and 1 am.


No one has been reported wounded or killed in this shooting.

2018-2023: Shootings in Skövde municipality per month

Matris: Antal skjutningar per månad i Skövde

Skövde municipality: Other shootings this year

This is so far the only shooting this year in Skövde.

Karta med skjutningar markerade

More statistics, map over where in Skövde the shootings have taken place, diagram and list of all shootings in the municiaplity can be found on the overview page for Skövde.

Shooting, Skövde, friday 7 april 2023: External references (in Swedish)

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