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Malmö: Number of shootings per month

Matris: Antal skjutningar per månad i Malmö

Historical trend for Malmö: Monthly number of shootings on average

Line chart, monthly number of shootings in municipality, 12 months rolling average The shart shows the monthly average shooting count for each month with a 12 months lookback window. In other words, the first datapoint (January 2019) is the monthly average of shootings during the period February 2018 up to January 2019. The primary data source is, up until the fall of 2021, the compilation of shootings in Sweden from SVT Datajournalistik. From the fall of 2021 an onwards, the primary data source is InCharts own data collection, consisting of event notifications from the police authority, police reports and articles from various news sources.

Map of Malmö: All shootings in 2023 (31)

Use the plus and minus buttons in the top right corner to zoom in the map (the buttons are not visible on smaller screens). Hover the mouse pointer over a marker to see date and location for an individual shooting; click on it to read more. Use the drop-down menu to change category. Markers belonging to the selected category will be colored blue. Double click anywhere on the map to reset the zoom setting to the default.


List, Malmö: All shootings in 2023 (31)

Wednesday January 4 2023 Malmö

Injured man found in parking lot.

Monday January 9 2023 Malmö

Courtyard at Rosengård cordoned off after alarm of loud bangs.

Friday January 20 2023 Malmö

Several shots were fired at Rosengård in Malmö shortly before midnight on the night of Saturday.

Wednesday February 1 2023 Malmö

Man in his 30s found with a gunshot wound.

Thursday February 2 2023 Malmö

New shooting - for the second night in a row - at Rostorp in Malmö.

Tuesday February 21 2023 Malmö

Several people shot at at Kroksbäck in Malmö.

Friday March 3 2023 Malmö

Four people aged 14 to 19 injured in a shooting in Oxie.

Sunday March 5 2023 Malmö

Shot at apartment door in Limhamn.

Friday March 10 2023 Malmö

Gunshot injured person at the emergency room in Malmö.

Saturday March 11 2023 Malmö

Shots fired at an apartment in Limhamn.

Sunday March 12 2023 Malmö

Shooting at residence.

Wednesday May 10 2023 Malmö

Multi-family house hit by gunfire in courtyard in central Malmö.

Wednesday May 31 2023 Malmö

Man with gunshot wound in the district of Fosie.

Wednesday June 7 2023 Malmö

Shooting on Koralgatan in Malmö.

Sunday June 11 2023 Malmö

Villa in Fosie in southern Malmö shelled with several shots.

Tuesday June 20 2023 Malmö

Man in his 30s found shot to death in car in parking garage.

Monday June 26 2023 Malmö

Man in his 70s shot at in villa.

Wednesday June 28 2023 Malmö

Bullet holes in the windows of the residence discovered.

Wednesday June 28 2023 Malmö

Man in his 20s found injured after alarm of several loud bangs in the area around Fosie in southern Malmö.

Wednesday June 28 2023 Malmö

A second shooting occurred in Fosie on Wednesday evening.

Friday August 4 2023 Malmö

Shooting at several apartments in the Ribersborg area of Malmö.

Sunday August 6 2023 Malmö

Man seriously injured after shots were fired at an apartment in Rosengård.

Thursday August 10 2023 Malmö

Bullet holes discovered in apartment buildings on Rosengård.

Friday August 11 2023 Malmö

Shots fired at a villa in the Västra Kattarp area.

Sunday August 20 2023 Malmö

Man aged 25 shot in the Lönngården area in Malmö.

Tuesday September 12 2023 Malmö

Shooting at Rosengård.

Tuesday October 3 2023 Malmö

Man aged 25 with gunshot wound at a pet store at Mobilia in Malmö.

Friday October 6 2023 Malmö

Apartment at Lorensborg shelled.

Sunday October 15 2023 Malmö

Apartment shelled on Ärenprisgatan.

Wednesday November 1 2023 Malmö

Man shot in shooting on Västra Hindbyvägen.

Saturday November 25 2023 Malmö

Shooting at gate in Kirseberg in Malmö.