List: Deadly shootings

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Please note that the figure above relates to the number of shootings. The number of fatalities might differ from the number of deadly shootings in case of events where several people are being killed at the same shooting event.

52 TODAY Eskilstuna

Ung man med beskjuten bil i centrum.

92 TODAY Eskilstuna

Person med mörk klädsel i polisjakt.

75 TODAY Södertälje

Ung man med skjutvapen i polisjakt.

145 May 31 Göteborg

Man in his 30s found shot to death on Hisingen.

144 May 30 Solna

A man shot dead and a man injured in a shooting north of Stockholm.

136 May 17 Stockholm

One person shot dead and two more injured after shooting in Rågsved.

135 May 14 Landskrona

19-year-old man shot dead in Landskrona.

130 May 8 Järfälla

A man has been shot dead in Jakobsberg in Järfälla municipality.

121 Apr 27 Göteborg

Man found shot to death in car in central Gothenburg.

118 Apr 26 Borlänge

25-year-old man shot to death in the western parts of central Borlänge.

110 Apr 17 Eskilstuna

Man aged 25 shot to death with several shots.

107 Apr 14 Stockholm

21-year-old man shot to death in Rågsved in southern Stockholm.

99 Apr 6 Eskilstuna

Person shot to death in parking lot at Rekarnegymnasiet in Eskilstuna.

98 Apr 5 Stockholm

Man shot dead and another shot injured at Skärholmen subway station in southern Stockholm.

67 Mar 7 Huddinge

Man shot dead in shooting in Flemingsberg.

60 Mar 3 Botkyrka

Man shot to death indoors in villa in Tullinge.

50 Feb 17 Trelleborg

Man shot with several shots in central Trelleborg.

39 Feb 3 Söderhamn

The police confirm that the person who was found dead in a residence in Söderhamn yesterday has been shot dead.

32 Jan 28 Huddinge

15-year-old boy shot dead near Skogås center in southern Stockholm.

20 Jan 20 Solna

Man shot dead in Huvudsta center in Solna outside Stockholm.

3 Jan 4 Haninge

38-year-old man injured and 25-year-old man dead after shooting in Jordbro.

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