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InCharts is round-the-clock monitoring and crawling official and unofficial (but credible) sources online to look for information regarding shooting events in Sweden. Validated information is posted to Twitter as quickly as possible as soon as a shooting event has been found (Twitter account @swe_shootings, mostly posting in Swedish). On this website you can also find stats and charts on shootings and bombings, and more.

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Henrik Möllberg

... is the person responsible for content, design and development of InCharts.se. Past experience includes editorial work as well as software development and data analytics. InCharts is a great opportunity to combine the best of these worlds into one project!

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To the largest possible extent, the same definition of a shooting is used here as the one by the Swedish police authority: A shooting is considered confirmed when projectiles with gunpowder have been fired from a weapon and there are traces of this in the form of bullets, casings or damage to materials or people from the shelling, alternatively that there are more than one independent eyewitness to the shooting. The shooting must also be non-legal and not clearly accidental. In some cases, suspected shootings take place, but where, based on available media information, it's not possible to determine whether the national definition is met, and where the shooting also cannot be confirmed by the police. In these situations, the event is usually included in the database, but will be marked as unconfirmed. Unconfirmed shootings are visible and searchable on the website, but they are not included in the aggregated statistics.


InCharts.se is continuously updated. News pages, social media and official channels are crawled in the backgrouund automatically around the clock in search of information about shootings. As soon as there is information about a shooting publicly available, it usually does not take more than a maximum of one hour before the website is updated. However, a manual review is required before publishing and, since this is a one man show, in some cases it may take longer.

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