Shooting: Kalix, wednesday 13 december 2023

Street view from crime scene
Shooting while driving in the community of Sangis in Kalix municipality. The incident occurred during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. The same night, a 35-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of, among other things, attempted murder and aggravated weapons offences. According to the police, there is no information that anyone has been hit. There is currently no indication that the incident has any connection to organized crime.
The photo shows the approximate location of the shooting (Sangis, Kalix), based on what is currently known about the event.

Time and location

Sangis, Kalix municipality
11.3 percent of all shootings are carried out between 0 am and 1 am.


No one has been reported wounded or killed in this shooting.

2018-2023: Shootings in Kalix municipality per month

Matris: Antal skjutningar per månad i Kalix

Kalix municipality: Other shootings this year

This was the only shooting in Kalix municipality during 2023.

Karta med skjutningar markerade

More statistics, map over where in Kalix the shootings have taken place, diagram and list of all shootings in the municiaplity can be found on the overview page for Kalix.

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