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Please note that the figure above relates to the number of shootings. The number of fatalities might differ from the number of deadly shootings in case of events where several people are being killed at the same shooting event.

92 TODAY Kalmar

Två män med mörk klädsel i akut ambulansfärd till sjukhus.

25 TODAY Kalmar

Gängmedlem med skottskador enligt vittnesuppgifter.

19 TODAY Södertälje

Person med mörk klädsel i polisjakt.

285 Sep 30 Helsingborg

Alarm about shooting in Västra Berga.

284 Sep 30 Helsingborg

Shooting on an open street in central Helsingborg.

283 Sep 27 Haninge

One person shot dead and one shot injured in a residential area in Jordbro.

282 Sep 27 Gävle

Shooting at a building in central Gävle.

281 Sep 27 Stockholm

Young man shot to death at Mälarhöjdens IP in Fruängen in southern Stockholm.

280 Sep 27 Helsingborg

Shooting in connection with a robbery in an industrial area in Helsingborg.

279 Sep 27 Gävle

Company shelled in Gävle.

278 Sep 26 Österåker

Police and ambulance were called to a villa in Åkersberga with information that a man had been shot.

276 Sep 25 Gävle

Alarms have been received by the police that shots were fired on Söder in Gävle.

274 Sep 24 Haninge

Suspected shooting at residence in Västerhaninge.

273 Sep 23 Uppsala

Apartment shelled at Kvarngärdet.

272 Sep 23 Sollentuna

A man has fired shots at the entrance to a residence in Edsberg.

268 Sep 18 Haninge

Shooting at a residence in Handen south of Stockholm.

265 Sep 16 Stockholm

Large police operation after fatal shooting in Vällingby in western Stockholm following an alarm about gunfire.

262 Sep 14 Haninge

Shooting at a townhouse in Jordbro.

261 Sep 14 Stockholm

Man shot to death in Västertorp.

260 Sep 14 Norrköping

Suspected shooting at an apartment door in Hageby.

259 Sep 13 Stockholm

Man in his 20s deceased after being found shot in Vasastan in central Stockholm.

258 Sep 13 Uppsala

Shooting in Stenhagen during the night.

257 Sep 12 Malmö

Shooting at Rosengård.

256 Sep 12 Sollentuna

One person died after being seriously shot in Helenelund.

253 Sep 9 Uppsala

Shooting at an apartment in the Stenhagen district.

252 Sep 9 Eskilstuna

Man in his 30s found shot in the Årby district.

250 Sep 8 Göteborg

Three men between the ages of 20 and 30 arrested after alarms about loud bangs in Hammarkullen.

249 Sep 7 Uppsala

Woman in her 60s shot to death in Uppsala during the night.

248 Sep 6 Uppsala

20-year-old man shot after attempted robbery at Kvarngärdet.

247 Sep 6 Jönköping

Suspected shooting at Östra torget in central Jönköping.

246 Sep 1 Falkenberg

Shooting at entrance door to property.

245 Aug 29 Nyköping

Person injured after alarm about suspected shooting.

244 Aug 29 Mölndal

Shooting at the parking lot next to Balltorpsskolan in Mölnda.

243 Aug 27 Nyköping

One person injured in a shooting in central Nyköping.

242 Aug 26 Järfälla

Shots fired at an apartment in Järfälla.

241 Aug 24 Växjö

Man shot in central Växjö.

240 Aug 23 Västerås

Shooting on Öster Mälarstrand in Västerås.

239 Aug 22 Helsingborg

Man in his 20s shot dead in a car in Dalhem.

238 Aug 20 Malmö

Man aged 25 shot in the Lönngården area in Malmö.

237 Aug 19 Västerås

Man to hospital after shooting in Vallby.

236 Aug 18 Västerås

Man aged 35 shot dead in Västerås.

235 Aug 16 Botkyrka

Shooting at villa in Tumba.

234 Aug 14 Göteborg

Younger man run over and shot in Västra Frölunda in southwest Gothenburg.

233 Aug 12 Östersund

Police patrol fired upon in central Östersund.

232 Aug 12 Helsingborg

Several shots fired at apartment building iin Helsingborg.

231 Aug 11 Malmö

Shots fired at a villa in the Västra Kattarp area.

230 Aug 10 Malmö

Bullet holes discovered in apartment buildings on Rosengård.

229 Aug 10 Östra göinge

Shooting at villa in Broby.

228 Aug 7 Huddinge

Villa shelled in Huddinge south of Stockholm.

226 Aug 6 Malmö

Man seriously injured after shots were fired at an apartment in Rosengård.

225 Aug 4 Haninge

Two men in their 20s shot in central Handen in Haninge municipality - one dead.

224 Aug 4 Malmö

Shooting at several apartments in the Ribersborg area of Malmö.

222 Aug 1 Trelleborg

Several residents in an apartment building have discovered bullet holes in windows.

221 Aug 1 Göteborg

Shots fired at the same building that was subjected to a powerful explosion last Sunday.

220 Jul 31 Robertsfors

Gun fired at car in which people were traveling.

219 Jul 31 Östra göinge

Five arrested after shooting in Broby.

216 Jul 28 Gävle

Shot-wounded young man found indoors at leisure farm in Sätra.

215 Jul 27 Norrköping

Terraced house shelled in Norrköping.

213 Jul 25 Uppsala

Alarm about shooting in Gottsunda.

212 Jul 25 Norrköping

Shots fired at the gate of an apartment building in central Norrköping.

211 Jul 23 Kristianstad

Man aged 18 shot at Gamlegården.

210 Jul 22 Eskilstuna

Boy under 18 found with serious gunshot wounds in Nyfors.

209 Jul 22 Norrköping

Car company shot at in the Klockaretorpet district.

208 Jul 21 Eskilstuna

Man shot dead in Eskilstuna.

207 Jul 21 Uppsala

Man shot in central Uppsala.

206 Jul 21 Södertälje

Restaurant shelled in Geneta.

205 Jul 21 Trelleborg

Bullet holes discovered on property in eastern Trelleborg.

204 Jul 20 Norrköping

Villa shelled in Hageby.

203 Jul 20 Karlstad

Man in his 30s seriously injured after shooting in central Karlstad.

202 Jul 19 Örebro

Man dead after shooting at Mellringeskolan in the west of Örebro.

201 Jul 18 Sandviken

16-year-old boy injured in shooting at Björksätraskolan.

200 Jul 16 Trelleborg

Police have been called to Fagerängen due to a suspicious shooting.

199 Jul 16 Uppsala

Two men suspected of gunshot wounds after shooting in Valsätra.

198 Jul 14 Östra göinge

Shooting at a residence in Broby during Friday.

197 Jul 14 Solna

Housing shelled in the Järvastaden area, just north of Stockholm's inner city.

196 Jul 13 Hässleholm

Apartment in Glimåkra shelled.

195 Jul 13 Skinnskatteberg

A woman in her 30s and two small children were found dead in a car - the police now suspect that the woman shot the two children to death.

194 Jul 12 Östra göinge

Shot at villa in Broby.

193 Jul 10 Stockholm

Shooting at the front door of a building in Bandhagen.

190 Jul 9 Huddinge

People shot at outdoors in Visättra.

189 Jul 9 Botkyrka

Home in Fittja south of Stockholm exposed to gunfire.

188 Jul 9 Trelleborg

40-year-old man shot in the hip in eastern Trelleborgs.

187 Jul 7 Stockholm

Several shots have been fired at a gate to a residential building in central Farsta.

186 Jul 6 Osby

Shooting in central Osby.

185 Jul 4 Norrköping

Suspected shooting at the Marviken power plant in Vikbolandet east of Norrköping.

184 Jul 2 Osby

Homes shelled in Osby during the night and morning.

183 Jul 2 Osby

Homes shelled in central Osby during the past night and morning.

182 Jul 2 Karlstad

Shooting at property in the area around Kronoparken.

181 Jun 28 Stockholm

Man and woman in their 20s injured in shooting outside in Skärholmen.

180 Jun 28 Malmö

A second shooting occurred in Fosie on Wednesday evening.

179 Jun 28 Malmö

Man in his 20s found injured after alarm of several loud bangs in the area around Fosie in southern Malmö.

178 Jun 28 Malmö

Bullet holes in the windows of the residence discovered.

177 Jun 27 Stockholm

Two adult men found with gunshot wounds in Husby in northwest Stockholm.

175 Jun 26 Örebro

Shooting at property where two people were.

174 Jun 26 Kävlinge

Man in his 20s shot at an underpass.

173 Jun 26 Malmö

Man in his 70s shot at in villa.

172 Jun 24 Kungälv

Shots fired at a villa in Romelanda, north of Kungälv.

171 Jun 24 Göteborg

Alarm of shooting at three locations in Angered during the night to Saturday.

170 Jun 24 Ale

Shots fired at the door of a residence in Surte north of Gothenburg.

169 Jun 23 Uppsala

One person injured in shooting in the Gottsunda area.

166 Jun 20 Motala

Bullet holes found in front door after alarm of loud bangs.

165 Jun 19 Göteborg

Shooting at property in Kärra.

164 Jun 16 Uppsala

Shooting at the entrance door to an apartment building in Sala hill.

162 Jun 15 Göteborg

Large police operation in Biskopsgården after an alarm about several gunshot-like explosions.

161 Jun 13 Trelleborg

Man in his 30s shot outdoors.

160 Jun 12 Upplands väsby

Shots at chain houses in Upplands Väsby north of Stockholm.

159 Jun 11 Malmö

Villa in Fosie in southern Malmö shelled with several shots.

158 Jun 10 Stockholm

Two people shot dead and two more injured in a shooting in Farsta.

157 Jun 10 Eskilstuna

Shooting in Nyfors in Eskilstuna.

156 Jun 10 Kungälv

Property in Kungälv shelled during the night of Saturday.

155 Jun 9 Haninge

One person injured in shooting in Jordbro.

154 Jun 9 Solna

Two men in their 20s shot at a playground in Järva.

153 Jun 7 Malmö

Shooting on Koralgatan in Malmö.

152 Jun 6 Växjö

Shooting at Teleborg.

151 Jun 6 Örebro

Several shots were fired at the facade of a house in a residential area in Väster.

149 Jun 3 Eskilstuna

Hairdressing salon in Eskilstuna shelled during Saturday evening.

148 Jun 1 Västerås

One person has been shot at Ica Bäckby.

146 May 31 Göteborg

Man in his 30s found shot to death on Hisingen.

145 May 30 Solna

A man shot dead and a man injured in a shooting north of Stockholm.

144 May 28 Hässleholm

Shooting at terraced house in the Fredentorp area.

143 May 26 Bollnäs

Gunshots are said to have been fired at a car.

142 May 25 Tranås

Horse shot dead by drunken man.

141 May 24 Eslöv

Bullet hole in window pane in central Eslöv.

140 May 23 Västerås

Loud explosions in Bäckby district.

139 May 21 Västerås

Shooting at a residential property in the district of Skiljebo.

138 May 18 Göteborg

Two men in their 20s injured in a shooting in Askim.

136 May 14 Landskrona

19-year-old man shot dead in Landskrona.

135 May 14 Karlstad

Shooting in central Karlstad.

134 May 12 Huddinge

Shot through the window of a residence in Huddinge.

132 May 10 Malmö

Multi-family house hit by gunfire in courtyard in central Malmö.

131 May 8 Järfälla

A man has been shot dead in Jakobsberg in Järfälla municipality.

130 May 5 Göteborg

Partygoers fire shots into the forest.

129 May 4 Haninge

One person seriously injured after shooting in Jordbro south of Stockholm.

128 May 4 Stockholm

Door to apartment shot at in Söderort.

127 May 3 Västervik

Man aged 75 arrested on suspicion of having fired a firearm.

126 May 1 Stenungsund

Shelling and bomb at car company.

125 May 1 Karlskoga

Several shots were fired at an apartment in Karlskoga.

124 Apr 30 Helsingborg

Shooting at several apartments on Kadettgatan in Helsingborg.

123 Apr 29 Västerås

Boy aged 15 and man aged 25 injured after shooting at each other on Skallberget in Västerås.

122 Apr 27 Göteborg

Man found shot to death in car in central Gothenburg.

121 Apr 27 Eskilstuna

Suspected shooting on Nyforsgatan in Eskilstuna.

120 Apr 27 Upplands väsby

Shooting into two gates in apartment buildings in the Runby district.

119 Apr 26 Borlänge

25-year-old man shot to death in the western parts of central Borlänge.

118 Apr 26 Stockholm

Several shots were fired into an apartment in Sätra where a family was sleeping.

117 Apr 25 Göteborg

Several shots were fired in the parking lot at Hisingen.

116 Apr 25 Stockholm

Residence shelled in Husby.

115 Apr 24 Stenungsund

Car company shot at in Stenungsund.

114 Apr 20 Stockholm

Shots fired in Hökarängen.

113 Apr 20 Växjö

Shots fired in Araby.

112 Apr 18 Alingsås

A person has fired an automatic weapon in a forest area in Alingsås.

111 Apr 17 Eskilstuna

Man aged 25 shot to death with several shots.

110 Apr 17 Umeå

Shot-injured person found east of town in Umeå.

109 Apr 14 Nacka

Shooting in the Älta center south of Stockholm.

108 Apr 14 Stockholm

21-year-old man shot to death in Rågsved in southern Stockholm.

107 Apr 13 Västerås

Housing shelled in the Gryta district in northern Västerås.

106 Apr 12 Vadstena

Firearm fired at residential building.

105 Apr 11 Eskilstuna

Shooting at the central station in Eskilstuna.

104 Apr 9 Göteborg

Man shot in the leg on Bögatan in Örgryte.

103 Apr 9 Örebro

Shooting between two or more people in the Oxhagen district in Örebro.

102 Apr 8 Helsingborg

Person injured by gunshot in Helsingborg.

99 Apr 6 Eskilstuna

Person shot to death in parking lot at Rekarnegymnasiet in Eskilstuna.

98 Apr 5 Stockholm

Man shot dead and another shot injured at Skärholmen subway station in southern Stockholm.

97 Apr 5 Haninge

Man in his 20s kidnapped and shot in Haninge just south of Stockholm.

94 Mar 31 Stockholm

Eyewitness accounts of shooting between two groups in central Skärholmen.

93 Mar 30 Mölndal

Shooting at residence in central Lindome.

92 Mar 29 Lund

Property shelled in Veberöd.

91 Mar 28 Uppsala

Shooting at a residential property in the Stenhagen district.

90 Mar 28 Göteborg

Man shot with several shots in residential area in Majorna.

88 Mar 27 Upplands-bro

Shooting at roundabout in Bro.

87 Mar 23 Strängnäs

Housing shelled in the Ulvhäll area.

85 Mar 22 Järfälla

Shooting at residential buildings in Viksjö.

84 Mar 21 Huddinge

Reports of an injured person and the sound of gunfire in Vårby.

83 Mar 20 Botkyrka

Alarm about explosions and gunshot damage at detached residence in Grödinge.

82 Mar 19 Järfälla

Man shot in the leg in Jakobsberg.

80 Mar 17 Örebro

Shots fired at window pane in Varbergs.

79 Mar 17 Örebro

Shot fired at balcony door.

78 Mar 16 Göteborg

Two people state that they were fired upon at Hisingen.

77 Mar 14 Hedemora

Man shot in central Hedemora.

75 Mar 12 Malmö

Shooting at residence.

74 Mar 12 Västerås

Shooting at the gate at Viksäng.

73 Mar 11 Stockholm

Person shot in the leg in Hökarängen.

72 Mar 11 Malmö

Shots fired at an apartment in Limhamn.

70 Mar 9 Köping

20-year-old man shot in a wooded area in Köping.

66 Mar 6 Stockholm

Man shot in the Marieberg district on Kungsholmen.

65 Mar 5 Malmö

Shot at apartment door in Limhamn.

64 Mar 5 Huddinge

Alarm about shooting in Vårby.

63 Mar 5 Örebro

Alarm about explosions on Väster in Örebro - apartment fired upon.

62 Mar 4 Västerås

Gate to apartment building shelled with unknown number of shots.

61 Mar 3 Malmö

Four people aged 14 to 19 injured in a shooting in Oxie.

58 Mar 1 Linköping

Suspected shooting in Hejdegården in Linköping.

57 Feb 28 Stockholm

Man shot in the leg in Sätra in Söderort.

56 Feb 28 Sundbyberg

Man shot in the back in Rissne.

54 Feb 24 Kävlinge

A restaurant in Löddeköpinge has alerted the police about bullet holes in windows and damage to a parked car.

53 Feb 23 Falkenberg

Someone may have fired a shot at a door at an address in Falkagård.

52 Feb 21 Malmö

Several people shot at at Kroksbäck in Malmö.

51 Feb 20 Eskilstuna

Suspected shooting in Eskilstuna.

50 Feb 17 Trelleborg

Man shot with several shots in central Trelleborg.

49 Feb 17 Avesta

A window in an apartment building in central Avesta has been fired at from outside.

48 Feb 17 Tyresö

Shooting in Bollmora in Tyresö southeast of Stockholm.

46 Feb 15 Göteborg

Several shots have been fired at an apartment door in Järnbrott.

45 Feb 12 Helsingborg

Shots fired at an apartment on Söder in Helsingborg.

44 Feb 11 Linköping

Suspected bullet hole found in Ryd.

43 Feb 10 Botkyrka

Three men shot at Fittja Centrum.

42 Feb 6 Strängnäs

Shooting at an apartment where people were in Åkers Styckebruk.

41 Feb 6 Stockholm

Empty casings found near Skanstull on Södermalm.

40 Feb 4 Södertälje

According to information to LT, a person was shot in Södertälje during Saturday evening.

37 Feb 1 Malmö

Man in his 30s found with a gunshot wound.

36 Feb 1 Linköping

Man shot in the district of Vimanshäll in Linköping.

34 Feb 1 Södertälje

Several shots fired at apartment door.

30 Jan 27 Jönköping

Suspected shooting in central Jönköping.

29 Jan 27 Linköping

Shooting at a building in the Ryd area.

28 Jan 25 Eskilstuna

One person seriously injured after shooting in Årby.

26 Jan 24 Köping

Shooting in Köping during Tuesday evening.

24 Jan 22 Jönköping

The police are investigating a suspected shooting that is said to have occurred in Råslätt on January 22.

23 Jan 21 Stockholm

Person shot at in Enskededalen in southern Stockholm.

22 Jan 21 Botkyrka

Villa shelled in Botkyrka south of Stockholm.

21 Jan 20 Malmö

Several shots were fired at Rosengård in Malmö shortly before midnight on the night of Saturday.

20 Jan 20 Solna

Man shot dead in Huvudsta center in Solna outside Stockholm.

18 Jan 20 Stockholm

Shooting in Farsta for the second night in a row.

17 Jan 19 Stockholm

A perpetrator has fired several shots into an apartment in Husby.

16 Jan 19 Stockholm

Shots fired through an apartment door in a stairwell in Farsta.

15 Jan 19 Uppsala

Several shots were fired at a house in the Fullerö residential area, 10 kilometers north of Uppsala.

14 Jan 18 Norrköping

Several shots were fired in central Norrköping during the night.

13 Jan 16 Solna

Man in his 20s shot from behind in Solna north of Stockholm.

12 Jan 15 Uppsala

Shooting in the Gottsunda Cave in Uppsala.

11 Jan 14 Sigtuna

Shots fired at residence in Märsta.

10 Jan 13 Uddevalla

Shooting at townhouses in Uddevalla.

9 Jan 12 Järfälla

Apartment building in Kallhäll shelled.

8 Jan 11 Stockholm

Gunman fired shots at Pitchers pub on Kungsholmen in Stockholm.

6 Jan 9 Malmö

Courtyard at Rosengård cordoned off after alarm of loud bangs.

5 Jan 8 Kalmar

Shooting at apartment.

4 Jan 6 Göteborg

Shooting at gate in Frölunda.

3 Jan 4 Haninge

38-year-old man injured and 25-year-old man dead after shooting in Jordbro.

2 Jan 4 Malmö

Injured man found in parking lot.

1 Jan 3 Kristianstad

Several shots were fired at the restaurant.

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