Shooting: Solna, friday 20 january 2023

Street view from crime scene
Outdoor Deadly shooting

Man shot dead in Huvudsta center in Solna outside Stockholm. A Volvo is said to have left the scene at high speed in connection with the incident. A police operation is underway to search for the person or persons who committed the crime.

The photo shows the approximate location of the shooting (Huvudsta centrum, Solna), based on what is currently known about the event.

Time and location

Huvudsta centrum, Solna municipality
9.3 percent of all shootings are carried out between 9 pm and 10 pm.


  1. 1

    Male, 40 years of age. Killed.

2018-2023: Shootings in Solna municipality per month

Matris: Antal skjutningar per månad i Solna

Solna municipality: Other shootings this year

This year to date 5 shooting incidents have been reported in Solna. The most recent ones this year, except for this one, took place on Fri, 09 Jun 2023 (Two men in their 20s shot at a playground in Järva) and Tue, 30 May 2023 (A man shot dead and a man injured in a shooting north of Stockholm).

Karta med skjutningar markerade

More statistics, map over where in Solna the shootings have taken place, diagram and list of all shootings in the municiaplity can be found on the overview page for Solna.

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