Shooting: Göteborg, tuesday 16 august 2022

Street view from crime scene
Outdoor With gunshot wounds

Woman shot in the stomach on a tram in Gothenburg. The woman was awake and talking when she was taken to hospital. A man who was on the tram is said to have fired the shot and then left the scene, probably in the direction of Ostindiegatan. The police have a large operation at the scene and are looking for a suspected perpetrator.

The photo shows the approximate location of the shooting (Hållplats Ostindiegatan, Göteborg), based on what is currently known about the event.

Time and location

Hållplats Ostindiegatan, Göteborg municipality
1.1 percent of all shootings are carried out between 9 am and 10 am.


  1. 1

    Female, 30 years of age. Injured.

2018-2023: Shootings in Göteborg municipality per month

Matris: Antal skjutningar per månad i Göteborg

Göteborg municipality: Other shootings this year

During 2022 took place 22 shooting incidents have been reported in the municipality. The last ones took place Tue, 29 Nov 2022 (Apartment shot through the front door) and Tue, 08 Nov 2022 (Man with suspected gunshot wounds found in car in Gårdsten).

Karta med skjutningar markerade

More statistics, map over where in Göteborg the shootings have taken place, diagram and list of all shootings in the municiaplity can be found on the overview page for Göteborg.

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