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Please note that the figure above relates to the number of shootings. The number of fatalities might differ from the number of deadly shootings in case of events where several people are being killed at the same shooting event.

38 TODAY Kalmar

Gängmedlem med mörk klädsel i polisjakt.

98 TODAY Eskilstuna

Person med mörk klädsel i polisjakt.

28 Mar 2 Eskilstuna

Pizzeria in Åby shelled during Saturday evening.

27 Mar 1 Stockholm

A man in his 20s has been shot to death in Skärholmen.

26 Feb 27 Karlstad

Man in his 20s found shot outside in Karlstad municipality.

25 Feb 24 Karlstad

Two men were shot during Friday evening.

24 Feb 20 Mölndal

House in Balltorp shelled with several shots.

23 Feb 17 Göteborg

One person probably shot after suspected shooting in the area around Skälltorp.

22 Feb 15 Malmö

Shots fired at an apartment on Gånglåtsvägen in Malmö.

21 Feb 14 Höganäs

Police are alerted to Höganäs following reports of one or more loud bangs.

20 Feb 9 Göteborg

Alarm of gunfire in a stairwell on Hinderbanan, Kviberg.

19 Feb 8 Hedemora

Shooting at an apartment in Långshyttan.

18 Feb 5 Norrköping

Shot fired indoors in Hageby.

17 Feb 3 Göteborg

Two men shot dead in shooting in Grimmered.

16 Feb 1 Norrköping

Bullet holes found on a building in Norrköping, area Berget.

15 Jan 28 Stockholm

Man in his 30s shot in a residential area in Sätra, southern Stockholm.

14 Jan 26 Botkyrka

Shooting reported in residential area in Tumba.

13 Jan 24 Sigtuna

Man shot in suspected shooting in Märsta on Wednesday evening.

12 Jan 24 Uppsala

Shots fired at a restaurant in central Uppsala on Wednesday afternoon.

11 Jan 23 Västerås

Shooting at an apartment door in central Västerås.

10 Jan 20 Borås

Man shot in the leg in Borås.

9 Jan 16 Uppsala

Several calls received by the police about loud bangs in Uppsala.

8 Jan 14 Uppsala

Shooting at a residence in Gottsunda, Uppsala.

7 Jan 13 Mjölby

Bullet holes in window and wall after reports of loud explosions.

6 Jan 11 Sandviken

Man dead after alarm about loud bangs in central Sandviken.

5 Jan 6 Linköping

One person has been seriously injured in a shooting in the Mjärdevi area of Linköping.

4 Jan 5 Malmö

Large police effort after an alarm about a seriously injured man in Kroksbäck.

3 Jan 2 Eskilstuna

A person with a probable gunshot wound has arrived at Mälarsjukhuset.

2 Jan 1 Burlöv

Shooting on multi-family house on Rapsvägen in Burlöv.

1 Jan 1 Malmö

Shooting at the gate at Augustenborg in Malmö.

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