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Please note that the figure above relates to the number of shootings. The number of fatalities might differ from the number of deadly shootings in case of events where several people are being killed at the same shooting event.

60 TODAY Malmö

Okänd kvinna med beskjuten bil i polisjakt.

71 TODAY Södertälje

Okänd kvinna med skottskador enligt vittnesuppgifter.

378 Dec 31 Stockholm

Three people shot at McDonalds in Vällingby.

369 Dec 22 Ale

Man life-threateningly injured after shooting in Bohus, near Kungälv, in Ale municipality.

368 Dec 18 Kalmar

16-year-old boy injured in shooting in the Norrliden district in Kalmar.

363 Dec 2 Huddinge

Two men shot in Flemingsberg.

362 Dec 2 Sundsvall

Man injured in suspected shooting in Sundsvall.

361 Nov 29 Nyköping

Person with gunshot wound in apartment in central Nyköping.

358 Nov 27 Eskilstuna

A person shot at Kronskogen.

353 Nov 18 Upplands väsby

Man in his early teens shot, Upplands Väsby.

351 Nov 14 Falkenberg

Man shot in the leg outdoors at a residence in Falkenberg, Halland.

347 Nov 12 Helsingborg

Man shot at Berga in Helsingborg.

336 Oct 30 Partille

Young man shot with gunshot wounds in the Björndammen center in Partille, Gothenburg.

335 Oct 30 Gävle

Shooting at the travel center in central Gävle.

328 Oct 24 Södertälje

Person with gunshot wounds found in Hovsjö.

316 Oct 6 Södertälje

One person dead and one seriously injured after new shooting in Södertälje.

314 Oct 4 Stockholm

Young woman slightly injured after shooting in Skarpnäck.

310 Oct 3 Hässleholm

Young man injured after shooting in central Hässleholm.

309 Oct 1 Landskrona

Gunshot wound person found after alarm about shooting in central Landskrona.

304 Sep 29 Enköping

An unknown number of shots have been fired at a residence in Enköping.

303 Sep 28 Södertälje

Man injured in shooting in Ronna.

302 Sep 28 Haninge

Person injured in shooting in Haninge centre.

299 Sep 24 Stockholm

A person has been found with a gunshot wound in Hagsätra.

297 Sep 23 Södertälje

A person has been admitted to hospital with gunshot wounds after a shooting in Saltskog.

290 Sep 17 Kristianstad

Man injured in shooting in Gamlegården.

287 Sep 16 Sigtuna

Man injured in shooting in Märsta.

278 Sep 9 Södertälje

Shooting at a car in Geneta.

275 Sep 6 Västerås

Man shot outside in Hässlö.

273 Sep 5 Botkyrka

Man in his 20s seriously injured after shooting in Botkyrka south of Stockholm.

272 Sep 4 Göteborg

Man in his 30s shot with several shots in Majorna and taken to hospital by ambulance.

271 Sep 3 Sollentuna

Person shot in Tureberg.

270 Sep 3 Göteborg

Police alerted to Backavallen after several people reported shooting at the scene.

263 Aug 26 Stockholm

Security guards shot at in Bandhagen.

262 Aug 26 Eskilstuna

Woman and child injured after shooting in central Årby.

256 Aug 22 Stockholm

An injured man has been found outdoors in Skarpnäck.

252 Aug 19 Malmö

A man dead and a woman seriously injured after shooting at the Emporia shopping center in Malmö.

251 Aug 17 Jönköping

Gunshot wound person found on Lahagsgatan, Öxnehaga.

250 Aug 17 Gävle

Man found with gunshot wound in underpass during yesterday evening.

249 Aug 16 Göteborg

Woman shot in the stomach on a tram in Gothenburg.

247 Aug 13 Lerum

A man in his 40s has been taken to hospital after being shot in the leg in central Lerum.

244 Aug 12 Landskrona

Shooting at a garage on Östergatan.

237 Aug 7 Ockelbo

A man was shot in central Ockelbo on Sunday afternoon.

234 Aug 4 Arboga

A person with a gunshot wound has been taken by ambulance to the hospital in Västerås.

232 Aug 2 Borås

At least one person injured in shooting at Hässleholmen.

230 Jul 30 Stockholm

Man in his 20s shot outside in Farsta strand.

223 Jul 26 Kristianstad

Man found with gunshot wound on Lagmansgatan.

222 Jul 25 Huddinge

Man found with gunshot wound in apartment.

219 Jul 22 Göteborg

A man has been shot in Kallebäck.

206 Jul 16 Södertälje

Man aged 18 seriously injured after being shot in the chest.

203 Jul 11 Botkyrka

A man has been found with a gunshot wound outside in Alby.

200 Jul 7 Halmstad

Man in his 20s shot in the foot in the Andersberg district.

198 Jul 7 Stockholm

Two men in their 20s were shot in Hagsätra shortly after midnight.

196 Jul 4 Västerås

Teenage boy shot outdoors in Vallby.

190 Jun 23 Stockholm

Person on balcony in Björkhagen shot at, possibly hit by a ricochet.

187 Jun 21 Upplands väsby

Man injured in shooting in Upplands Väsby on Tuesday evening.

184 Jun 17 Trelleborg

Man shot in Trelleborg.

183 Jun 16 Haparanda

Man aged 45 found with gunshot wounds in central Haparanda.

182 Jun 15 Malmö

Man found with gunshot wounds in Rörsjöparken.

175 Jun 11 Stockholm

Man shot in the upper body by the subway in Hässelby strand.

171 Jun 6 Botkyrka

Man in his 20s badly injured after being shot in the upper body.

170 Jun 5 Hässleholm

Teenage boy found shot on Götgatan and taken to hospital.

165 May 29 Uppsala

Suspected shooting in Sävja, south of Uppsala.

161 May 24 Västerås

Man injured after shooting in Gideonsberg.

150 May 12 Gislaved

A man has been shot at a pizzeria in central Gislaved.

149 May 12 Eskilstuna

Man injured in connection with shooting in the residential area Röksta.

147 May 11 Stockholm

Shots fired during a fight at the Fältörsten mall in Östermalm.

145 May 7 Västerås

Alarm about suspected shooting in Hammarby.

130 Apr 23 Västerås

Man injured by gunshots in an attempted robbery in western Västerås.

129 Apr 23 Sandviken

Man found with gunshot wound at Göransson's arena in Sandviken.

126 Apr 22 Uppsala

One person injured in shooting in Sävja in Uppsala.

123 Apr 20 Uppsala

Person shot outdoors in the Sala Backe district in Uppsala.

121 Apr 18 Järfälla

A man in his 20s has been shot in the neck in Viksjö in Järfälla northwest of Stockholm.

120 Apr 17 Stockholm

An 18-year-old man has been shot in the chest in Skarpnäck in southern Stockholm.

119 Apr 16 Sandviken

Shot-wounded man in his 30s found outdoors in Björksätra in Sandviken.

118 Apr 16 Malmö

A man has been found with gunshot wounds in the Eastern cemetery, Lustbacken in central Malmö.

117 Apr 15 Eslöv

A man has been shot near Stora Torg in central Eslöv.

101 Apr 6 Hofors

A man was injured in the leg during a shooting in Hofors during Wednesday evening.

98 Apr 2 Norrköping

A 25-year-old man came in during the night with gunshot wounds to hospital in Norrköping.

97 Apr 1 Sundsvall

Shooting on Högalidsgatan in Skönsberg in northeastern Sundsvall.

96 Apr 1 Karlskrona

A shooting has taken place on Gullabergsvägen in Gullaberg in Karlskrona.

90 Mar 27 Västerås

A young man has been shot with several shots in Hammarby in western Västerås.

88 Mar 26 Eskilstuna

Just after half past four on Saturday afternoon, a 20-year-old man was shot in the Årby district in Eskilstuna.

71 Mar 11 Växjö

Late on Friday evening, a 25-year-old man was admitted to hospital in Växjö with gunshot wounds.

70 Mar 11 Göteborg

A man was shot in Gårdsten in Gothenburg during Friday afternoon.

66 Mar 7 Gislaved

During Monday evening, several shots were fired at a man in his 30s near the Linnegatan/Traststigen intersection in Gislaved.

64 Mar 6 Göteborg

Around 11pm on Sunday evening, a 20-year-old man was seriously injured by gunshots in Hammarkullen in Gothenburg.

57 Mar 2 Upplands-Bro

A person has been found with gunshot wounds to the leg in Upplands Bro, according to information to Expressen.

56 Mar 1 Örebro

A man has been found with very serious gunshot wounds in Brickebacken.

55 Mar 1 Kalmar

A man with a suspected gunshot wound to the hand has been taken to hospital by private car.

54 Feb 28 Söderhamn

Two people were shot late on Monday evening in Söderhamn.

53 Feb 28 Strängnäs

Shooting, one person injured.

44 Feb 17 Norrköping

One person injured after shooting on Sankt Persgatan in central Norrköping.

39 Feb 13 Stockholm

A man in his 20s is seriously injured after being shot in the leg in the Farsta district in Stockholm.

29 Jan 31 Sävsjö

A young man sought help at a company in Sävsjö at lunchtime on Monday.

25 Jan 26 Eskilstuna

Shooting in Skiftinge, Eskilstuna.

19 Jan 19 Linköping

Injured man to hospital after suspected shooting in Skäggetorp in Linköping.

10 Jan 8 Malmö

Shooting at the Crown Prince.

7 Jan 7 Tranås

Two people injured after shooting at the travel center.

3 Jan 3 Göteborg

Shooting at a hair salon in Hisingen.

1 Jan 1 Katrineholm

Woman in her 50s with gunshot wound - - two people arrested.

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